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Inspired Wellness Solutions for Optimal Health & Well Being

Introducing the AquaGIA Concept: At GIA Wellness, the very best of hydration, energy and nourishment is delivered through a breakthrough concept called AquaGIA - a "hub-and-spoke" approach to supplying you with the best nutrient formulations, coupled with the most effective liquid delivery mechanism available. At the heart (the "hub") of AquaGIA lies the patented i-H2O Activation System, a groundbreaking water activation technology, proven to deliver unprecedented hydration benefits. Surrounding the i-H2O Activation System are cutting edge formulations (the 'spokes') in the areas of Inspired Energy (TerraGIA products), Inspired Nutrition (NutraGIA Products), and Inspired Beauty (BellaGIA Products).

By combining the super-liquid nutrient "delivery river" that is the i-H2O, with potent nourishment for the body - both inside and out - GIA Wellness products are designed to provide an unparalleled quality of hydration, nutrition, and energy. Simply put, with GIA Wellness, you too can reach new heights in how you look, feel and live.

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